Shadows/Push Pull

A ditpych on the theme of immigration in two sections.


Based on the previous piece Baobab Shadows this piece delves further into the reasons why young Africans elect increasingly to emigrate.

Storyteller: Manibi KoneWith, circus artists: Nadège Liénard, Enrico Astegiano, with dancers from the DTZ/DFC

Push Pull

This piece considers the strain and tension between an individual who emigrates and the culture he encounters. Different styles, face to face move towards common ground as a cameraman moves in and out of the dancers projecting varying perspectives of their interaction on to a screen.

Choreographer/Dancer: Harold George, Dancer: Vincent Kuentz, Dancer, Véronique Liévin, Cameraman/Dancer: Gael Ravedovitz, Videographer: Antoine Panier, Singer: Kirby Chipembere

Co-producers: La Vénérie, Boisfort Cultural Centre, Cité Culture Cultural Centre, Laeken, with the assistance of Curohall, Anderlecht, Yantra Dance Academy, with funding from the Fédération Bruxelles Wallonie, and also in collaboration with the DTZ/DFC supported by Africalia.

Past performances

24, 25, 26.10 .2014
Cité Culture Laeken, Bruxelles

7, 8.11 .2014   
La Vénerie / Espace Delvaux, Watermael-Boitsfort

14.11 .2014   
Centre Culturel de Gembloux